Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tech preview: Paper Plane Shooting Pins!!!

I decided to share an early tech preview of a game I am working on.  It is designed for mobile devices, utilizing CSS3D, DeviceMotion (accelerometer data), touch events and audio.

Right now, the demo (really) only runs in landscape mode, where the device is held as a steering wheel, pointing the right side of the device upwards.

In this early tech preview, you can fly a paper plane around (actually stays in the center) inside a room while shooting pins on the wall by the press of a red button.  Press the green button to start a new game.

Here you go:


NOTE: It probably won't look good in *any* desktop browser. - also, the code needs cleanup (don't look just yet ;-))

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jumping dice

...just playing around with some 3D in CSS.  This demo is designed for mobile devices in portrait mode, showing 4 dice with a life of their own, jumping on a rotating table.

The demo might not be very advanced, but still shows some of the power of HTML5, where just a few lines of CSS, HTML and JavaScript can get you far away from the usual "news article format" ;-)

Everything is "hand made" and the core of the demo consists of some simple nested JavaScript functions, injecting elements into the DOM to draw the cubes.

Although this demo was designed for the N9 in portrait mode, it should work on most browsers supporting CSS 3D.